Whisler Equine Services

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Allison has been in love with horses as long as she can remember.  At 15 she started riding at a dressage and eventing barn.  She was your typical barn rat, riding everything she could get on, which helped her learn quick. 

Always a lover of horse racing, she started exercising racehorses for a local thoroughbred farm at age 16.  The owner of the farm gave Allison and her brother Alex a 4 month old thoroughbred colt as payment, which they went on to train themselves.  Allison and Alex spent many years at this farm working with their horses even after they got out of racing.

In 2008 Allison made her way back to the original barn she learned to ride at.  She spent 7 years riding and training in dressage, while training her personal horses at home in western riding.  When her trainer retired, her and her barn friends moved to Hartmeyer Stables in Muncie, Indiana, where Allison was able to start teaching riding lessons.

In 2015, Allison was given the opportunity to follow her dreams.  Allison was able to leave her job as a school teacher and able to turn her passion for horses into a full time job.  She began leasing Hartmeyer Stables, managing the 40 horse boarding stable, training horses, and teaching a rapidly growing riding program. 

Allison has also worked with East Central Indiana Therapeutic Riding, Inc. for many years.  She has worked as an instructor with the program for the last 2 years.  In August of 2016, Allison completed the PATH therapeutic riding workshop and certification.  Allison passed her certification process with flying colors, having the highest riding score her certifiers have given in years on her riding test and having the top teaching score of her group. 

Allison is currently working out of a friends barn while she works to get her own facility up and running.  She runs a large lesson program and train horses.  Allison focuses on dressage and eventing, and has recently turned her focus to the Western Dressage world.  Her and her mare Italy have started their journey into the western dressage world and Allison is taking on new western dressage clients.  Allison attending the 2017 WDAA judge's seminar to further her education in Western dressage and work towards her judges' card.  Allison loves both her times spent in the saddle, training both English and western horses and her time working with her students.  Allison enjoys helping her riders reach their riding goals and looks forward to many more years training horses and teaching lessons.